Does anybody know how fast the yz400 is. Im thinking of buying one and need to know if it will be fast enough for baja to keep up with my friends.

How fast depends to a great extent on how it is geared. If you consider stock gearing then a WR400 is "faster" top speed than a YZ400. But, the great thing about the sprocket and chain type of final drive is that you can adjust the final gear ratio to suit the conditions. Since you mentioned baja you might look into the possibility of increasing the tooth count of the countershaft sprocket and decrease the tooth count of the rear-wheel sprocket. Generally you'd gear it as high as possible for the conditions while still maintaining a low enough first gear to get you out of the hole. With stock gearing the YZ400 might not keep up with an XR650 or some other big motored bikes, but they don't do as well in some of the tight stuff. You get the idea.

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