Cam Follower Bucket Question

I am getting a new cam. I was looking at the online parts Schematic and the buckets come in three different designations Blue, Yellow or Black. My exhaust are Yellow and my Intake are Blue

My Question is what is the exact differences in the cam followers between the three color designations?


They are designators of different fit sizes in extremely small increments.

Obviously best to match them up, but if the correct lifters are unavailable without a huge delay, you should be OK with the black ones (3FV-12153-00-00)

What Dimension Diameter?

I'm pretty certain it's the diameter, but there is no documentation of it that I'm aware of. In the automotive world, it used to be quite common to see lifters offered in .0005" oversizes, and to be honest, it's more or less a guess on my part that this is the case here. It's come up before, and I've never had any feedback to indicate it's turned out to be wrong.

Thanks I was curious.

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