new leo vince, header pipe glowing on warmup

I just dumped on a new leo vince x3 2004 YZ pipe on my 06 WR450. This is the model before the inserts came into play. Man it sound good, but I noticed my header started to glow on the warm up? My guess is I need to rejet, but my stock gutted pipe never gave me any issues?

The bike was started at night and then warmed up.


Oh forgot to mention, it was also shooting 2 inch flames every now and then on the decel.

I still have AIS installed.

Glowing thin wall header is normal.

Having the AIS contributes somewhat to the decel popping but then again, so does an open pipe.

You probably need to go up a size or two on the main and a down a clip or teo on the needle. But, if the bike runs good, all may ok already. All you can do is experiment using a stop watch to see if there is improvement.

Sounds damn good!

Ill plug the AIS and see whats up...

Ive read that its pretty normal on the glowing pipe... but it could also be lean...

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