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Crf150f exhaust

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Drilling will increase the noise for sure. Your stock packing may be blown out/ burned up.

Proper packing will actually increase power and decrease noise.

Does your bike have the stock baffle? If you bought it used theres a good chance it's gone.

Are you just trying to make it quieter than stock?

I like quiet bikes and we do what we can to keep ours quiet. The Harley guys and the guys with loud dirt bike pipes are doing a lot of damage to the sport. Dirt bikes always sound much louder as we ride places where it is already much quieter.

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would drilling holes in the baffle, and adding fiberglass packing quiet it, and not restrict airflow?

Unfortunatly, quiet and free breathing dont go together well. Repacking the exhaust with smooth it out and make it quieter. im a big believer the trail bikes should be quieter.

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But since its a 4 stroke, not a 2 stroke, the fiberglass packing will not make weaker... Right?

And yes I bought it used, and am trying to make it quieter than stock. It does have the

stock baffle, but i see no packing inside the muffler.

Am I supposed to see it? (or feel it by using a broom handle)

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