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Help! Is my fork in need of repair?

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Last night I was adjusting the preload on my 50mm TC zokes. It has a c clip that slides into grooves on the inner chamber.

I went to adjust the preload and I took the spring clip off. I guess I was just supposed to slide it up and down because now it is over stretched and does not snap in place tight. But I did notice that the inside of the compression cup tapers down over the clip. Although mine is a bit loose I gave it a push with a small screwdriver and got the cup to fit fully over it as it should.

As long as the cup is wrapping it tight I think it might not be a problem. I have about 8mm of preload so it seems like it should stay in place. But I am not positive that under some fast hits the spring never leaves the preload cup and lets it float for a moment? If this is possible the clip might not be in good enough to hold. Any expert opinion on this? I hope this makes sense.

I'm trying to decide if I need to send this to a pro to be fixed. I think the bottom of the inner chamber needs to be removed so a new clip can be slid on. Maybe any shop with a cartridge holder can do the job but I don't really know.

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