Cam chain tensioner

Does anyone know how much pressure the cam chain tensioner is supposed to exert? I have an '06 wr that won't run, has oil consumption issues and when I started to pull it apart, I noticed the cams did not look like they were timed correctly. Also, the cam chain seems loose, compared with other 4 stroke singles I've worked on. Anyone have any ideas or experience on these issues? Thanks

Worn out cam chain will not be able to be tightened prperly, as well as a broken tensioner. Cam sprockets have been known to move on the cams too. Sounds like you have one sick puppy on your hands.

This engine has multiple problems starting with excessive oil use. The engine quit running the last time it was ridden and it looks like one or both cams jumped time. The reason for this is a cam chain that had many tight links and the tensioner couldn't overcome them. I also found cam damage and will replace them. Excessive oil usage is coming from collapsed oil control rings. The cylinder is also damaged (all cross hatch is gone in the piston area and there is some grooving. The bike was bought used and looked like it was in good condition, but now it's known that maintenance was not done by the previous owner. This is costing a bit of change, but should be good for a long time once we're done

Sadly, what you are experiencing is typical. I suggest having the valves done also while it is apart.

New cam chain, engine sprocket, tensioner, barrel, piston, valves, valve springs, retainers.

Have the cam timing checked with a degree wheel to ensure the timing marks are still relevent.

I had the opposite experience, bought a WR450 that looked like shit, but appeared to have few hours on it. Tear down, inspected and mic'ed everything, it was like new inside. $2000 + maybe $100 in gaskets for my '06 last year. You never know.

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