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Stock Muffler Mods for XL with Jet changes

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Pulled out one of the screws/nuts that would hold the baffle in if the baffle wasn't already spot welded in (what's that about?).

Drilled two small holes right outside the baffle. Great sound. Seems to carburete well (with 58 and 160 jets at sea level) and sounds good. Strangely, when I took both nuts out, it was way louder. Don't know why.

Can't say much about power gains. Just seemed to balance out the carburation with the large jets. It doesn't really sound like there are huge power gains to be had from an aftermarket muffler.

With these jets and these mods, it only takes about 15 seconds of half choke to start this tractor and get it idling. Very different from other bikes I have had. :banana:

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