rear axel

I need to see a diagram of the rear axle, spacers, bearings and all that good stuff on a 2000 yz 426. I think I am missing a spacer on one side and wanted to confirm. Do any of you guys have a pic or know what site I can get this info.

Here you go..........


Only spacers are #20 on both sides and #2 between the bearings.

The part im missing is called a collar wheel, I was just wondering if one off a 450 would work, they look the same on the diagram but the part numbers are different. Does anyone know if they are compatible .

Hmm, good question. If it has a different part number there must be some kind of change. That change could be anything though and it could still work on other years. I have a complete 450 hub on my 426 that came with the spacers, so I didn't try to reuse my 426 spacers. I don't know if it would work or not.

Do you have the 450 spacer, or is it something you would be buying?

If you have it, see if it matches the other side.

If you're missing the spacer, you're probably missing the dust cover, #30, as well.

alright thanks

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