lean or rich?

i have a wr450 and the bike was jetted with the baffle out of the muffler at the dealer. i drilled some holes in the baffle and put it back in thinking it would quite things down some and it did, but im not sure if im cooking this thing now or not? also i have the airbox snorkel removed now too. rich or lean? i will go back to being noisy if i have to?


What jetting do you have in?

If the bike was rejetted uncorked and you corked it up, then the bike will be richer, not leaner.

it will be too lean just take the cork out of the exhaust and put in a one size bigger main jet... thats what i did and it solved the problem but if your at a pretty high altitude i would run some tests and see if your too rich maybe :):D :D

i have no idea what the dealer jetted the bike at, it was Vickery Motorsports and they dyno there bikes, it ran awsome without the cork, but when i put it back in with some holes i drilled in it i am just worried it is too lean and it is going to fry my motor? this jetting stuff is new to me!

if its extremely lean and whenits idling the bike jumps up in rpms then come back down slowly later or the head pipe is glowing red then it could be something to be concerned of but for.. but ifthat doesnt make sense then take your bike down the street and accelerate really hard and if it feels and runs like crap (ie backfires) or starts stumbling then go one size bigger on the main jet (read how to take out the carb in the manual, and then take off the bottom of the carb, unscrew the main jet to see what size it is then go get one size bigger.. if that doesnt help then try one size smaller then when you put the carb back together take an air gun and amke sure there is not dirt that got in hte carb its simpler than it seems.. good luck :D:):D

the only problem i have is from a stop to 1/4 throttle or less,it stumbles some, then its rocket time! i think its the fuel screw adjustment, which i mess with sometimes. i go up in altitude alot here too, so it will generally get richer as i go i think?


yeahh it looks like you got it all solved out :)

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