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RPM Gauges

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My guess is that pretty well all of these devices use the same guts from the same manufacturer with slightly different shells and controls.

I'm using the standard Tiny-Tach. The setting switch is mushy so it was a bit of a nuisance setting it up. But it works perfectly and no need to use the control ever again.


Here's a pic of my installation. I just used some double-sided foam tape to mount it. Simple and solid.



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Unless I cant read, I cant see where it says it will work on a 1 cylinder :S

And the other gauges they sell most say a minimum of a 3 cylinder...

I think if you want a tacho, you will need to either fit a trailtech vapor dash, or a tinytach or trailtech mini tach as posted....

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They have a Q&A.

You are now chatting with 'Ran'

Ran: Hello, how may I help you today?

Gregg: Will Elite 10 Color Tachometer Gauge work on a one cylinder motorcyce engine?

Ran: it has a one cylinder setting on the back of the gauge

Ran: so it should work

Gregg: Thank's

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I got one on eBay recently

Oz$51 delivered to Oz/Tassie.

Item was titled "Trail Tech TTO Tach-Hour Meter Computer Digital Gauge"

Hey DonQx , Thanks for the Heads Up ...:banana:

Just purchased this one...only $6 shipping to Australia...Just a tad better than $101....:eek:


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