looking for '05 450x header

Anybody got a spare Header for an '05 450x? my bro smashed the crap out of his and its melting the water pump cover. Honda is asking way to much IMHO for a OEM pipe. Thanks for your help.:banana:

I have a OEM header if you would like it. Just let me know.:banana:

How much?, I will have to ask my brother but i'm sure he will take it.:banana:

Shipping costs, thats it.:banana:

wow thats awesome, What's the best payment method for you?

I will ship the item and let you know how much it was and you can send me a money order. Sound good? I just need a name and address to send it to and I will get it in the mail to ya.:banana:

PM sent, Thank you..My brother is going to be so stoked when he comes home and sees his bike put back together, we haven't been riding in over a year.

That was pretty cool, :ride:

Props to RC51 for hookin' up a fellow TT'er with the trust that money will come his way.. and props to Playwithmadness for fixing his brother's bike! :ride:

Anyone in the Salt Lake City have one? I dropped my bike and somehow managed to twist the header at the connection point with the engine...quite odd.

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