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450X vs. 650R....

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Anyone here drag race there 650R against a 450X?

I was wondering which one would win in a roll on or from a dead stop?

I bought one of my riding buddies a WR450F and I can take him in a drag race and in top end speed but it's close, we both have similar mod's but I have taller gearing with 15/44 and he has 15/47.

It's a good race with the WR so I was thinking of picking up a 450X to humiliate him some more.­čśë

One thing the WR does real good is wheelie at 50 mph in 3rd and 4th gears where my pig won't do that "I'm sure if I had a pumper carb it would help", is the 450x a good wheelie machine?

I would like to wax his a$$ in the wheelie department at 55 to 60mph too.:banana:

One more thing, I'm going to make it a DS machine with a street legal kit like I did for his WR, his bike seems to be holding up real good riding it on long trips on the back roads and streets, we don't ride much if any on the trails mainly back dirt roads and tarmac.

I keep checking his valves and they're never out of spec.:eek:

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