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07 metallic debris on motor side - need advice and comments -- please

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Looking for comment on a recurring issue with my bike as follows:

I changed the crank myself last winter with the up-graded OEM part number together with main brgs , seals , oil pump and brgs + new OEM rings and piston

Put about 70 hrs this summer trouble free , changed oil every 4 hrs with Dino

l heard some knocking noise last sunday

Checked valve clearances , all in spec , cam apperance like new

drained the oil and inspected the oil filter.Timing chain and tensionner look good too

this is where my heart stopped , a huge deposit of flaky metallic particules ( shinny - not copper like) on the oil filter , also found around the stator and pick-up coil

Here are a few questions for discussion:

What else than the crank journals can it be ?

Should I change the oil pump again c/w brgs & seals ?

What possibly I have done wrong for this mishaps ?

Where to buy cheapest in the US ?

I am not looking foward to change the crank in the middle of the season so I am hoping the root cause to be simplier but I am afraid I am in for a rebuild...

All comments and help are welcome


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First off you have to think about what in the engine contains steel? The bearings, crank, cam, rockers and exhaust valves/springs. So everything else is aluminum and magnesium in the motor.

That being said, time for a new crank again more than likely. Be sure to inspect the oil pump, passages and jet in the case.

I would suggest you change the brand of oil you are using. I run amsoil in mine and get a long service life out of the crank. But this is a race bike and they require more frequent maintenance than anyone likes to admit.

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Thanks , will order parts tonigth -

cam and rocker looked like new, valve springs and exh valve - did not think of it but amount of shaving would probably negate this scenario

What kind of life do you get out of the engine with Amsoil prior to rebuilding bottom end ?

Top end , I do it every winter regarless of the measurement report

again , thanks for the comments, Nicolas.

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