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yz 125 enough power for 14 year old 5'10 160lbs rider

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I think you will be just fine on a 125, a good step from the 230. I'm 15, 140# and my 125 is my first real "big bike" that i have actually owned, and am still getting used to it.

It will haul you around fine for any riding, IMO. Are you racing or trail riding, out of curiosity.

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Sounds like you are in the same boat as me. My bike works great for that kind of riding. Of course the fatty pipe and 51T rear really help out. If you can find a good deal, i would say go for it. I don't think you would grow out of it for a while. :banana:

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Right now I have an FMF Fatty pipe. It felt like it smoothed out the power a bit, and it is advertised to add some power throughout the powerband. I'm still running the stock silencer, but I might throw a TurbineCore on when I get some cash. ProCircuit makes some good 2t pipes too, I would look into them as well. Have you ever ridden a 2t? They are a bit to get used to, but fun as hell!

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