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Identifying A or B cylinder

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How can you tell if you have a A or B cylinder/piston. In my service manual it tells the service limits for A & B, but says nothing on identifying which you have.

I am going to install a wiseco piston, they dont come in a or b, just one size, will it make any difference?

The A and B cylinders are very similar, with the A being slightly larger than the B (but the max sizes are identical when brought to temp). You can run an A or B and be fine. I've run both interchangeably when they didn't have the Wisecos in stock, and didn't have the A and only had the B or vice versa.

Easiest way is to check the old piston, or on the Jug (front if I remember right, I'd have to go out and double check) it'll list and A or B on it letting you know what you have (most all stock bikes come with the A jug from what I've seen).

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