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valve springs, who knows?

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i understand certain mods you can et away with not doing certain things. but at what degree are you going to be changing valve springs? if i used the e-model base gasket on my drz400sm and changed cams, would that constitute getting new springs? and who has done a P&P? what was the gain and was it worth it? i am not racing fyi

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Hmmm beltonbikr and noted as in Texas....

Stationed at FH? or AR / NG? What unit?

I'm at FH, in 1st Cav.

Fresh springs and OEM valves at least installed by a good tech should be part of your plan.

USPS large flat rate box, drop the head in it for $14, send it to Eddie at SSW in Denver, have it back in a week, Great prices on parts and labor, he can build the head mild to wild.

Porting the DRZ head is an advanced MOD that needs other mods to be used to good effect.

And it needs to be done by someone with both lots of porting experience in general and DRZ head experience specifically.

Again, Eddie at SSW is the right guy for the job.

Tell us what happened to the motor, provide pics if you can..

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actually i am from FH, i am AF now and stationed in germany but currently in a big sandy oven for a few more months. i dont' have any pics, with me and it was mostly just cooked bearings, trashed piston and cylinder. first SM and had KPS doing all my work and what not. one day out putting around and started to sound like a damn helo between my legs. must have been magical oil becasue it was all gone, not even a week after my 5k. crank, bearing, rod, cylinder, piston had to be replaced. had it rebuilt, rode it for a little and sounds like piston slap so i ordered another top end then i got orders to build sand castles. now its in pieces in germany. i am debating on replacing the crank again because it has a very little side play and i am not too positive if it is supposed to be like that. i am just wanting this done right this time so i don't have to worry about it again.

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