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Boyesen Clutch Cover flaw

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Pulled the clutch in and bike stalled, clutch was not working at all, I could feel the teeth on the arm skipping. I rode home with no clutch popped the cover to see the boyesen clutch cover had cracked in about 7 different places. Now I can't ride:(

I bought the cover less than 50 hours ago, and haven't even put a scratch on it.


anybody want to sell me a clutch cover for cheap?

is this a common problem?

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You might consider editing your post Title,maybe something like "Problem with Boyeson clutch cover." Could have been nothing more than a casting flaw. Things like that happen,but it's the companies response that really tells the story. My .02


Boyesen handled the problem very professionally and quick. but the fact that it cracked in 7 places and I found a chunk of it sitting in my oil made me pretty angry. I believe it was a casting flaw also, but that doesn't make things any better.

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