Will a 03-05 WRF seat cover fit my 05 YZF 450 seat? Help asap!

I wanna buy some monster graphics for my YZ450f but the graphics dont come w a matching seat cover unless I buy a seperate WR 03-05 kit w a seat cover, so the ? is:

will a 03-05 WRF seat cover fit a 03-05 YZ 450F seat

does no one here have an answer, I know there is a guru somewhere that knows the answer

I don't have the answer, but the part numbers are....

The 03 wr450f seat cover is part number 5TJ-2470F-00-00 (the seat is 5TJ-24710-00-00)

The 03 yz450f seat cover is part number 5TA-2470F-00-00 (the seat is 5TA-24710-00-00)

Isn't the WRF seat foam a bit thicker?

thats what i concerned with? but just want to know the differences, i know the pans are different, put wanted to know if the cover is compatible, if the seat on the WR is thicker then it would stand to reason that the cover would not be the same on the years wrf/yzf 03-05....

can anyone confirm any details? it wouldnt be a big deal but when i can get the seat cover and rad,tank and airbox graphics for $15 bux then it would be good to know

the steel framed wr's have a bracket kind of part that is made on the subframe that the seat bottom slides into to secure the seat to the subframe, which does not appear to be on a yzf... My 06 wr has it and it is different than anything else i have seen.. I assume it is to support the seat and make sure the battery and such dont leave where they are supposed to be.. That is probably why all the numbers are different..

have never put my wr up close to a yz, so dont really know for sure..

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