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'09 Front Plate: Who makes the best replica?

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G'day guys, does anyone know of a company that makes a identical or near to identical replica of the stock CRF250R '09 front plate in black?

I have tried both UFO and Polisport and both plates are no where near the same shape or detail as the genuine honda front plate.

Seems like they just made the general shape and didn't bother to re-create all the curves and lines of the original shape.

I need this because my front plate graphics don't even come close to fitting the UFO and Polisport replicas.

Can anyone provide me with a picture of the acerbis front plate or any other brand? Doesn't matter if it is in a different colour.

Thanks in advance for any help.


(P.S. I did an extensive search on this forum with no luck :banana:)

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07 have one bolt hole tab on top and one mount that sits on a tab on bottom. 08-09 have two on top and two on bottom not even a close fit. you would need top and bottom tripple clamps to keep it from looking ghetto.

ALright. Can I put a 09' triple clamp on my 07?

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