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Helmet, zox roost RX vs AFX fx-37ds

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I need a new lid, I've heard the zox roost does not vent as well as the AFX

I do not do freeway riding, most complaints about the AFX seem to be around high speed buffeting

anyone own both? My two exit criteria are dust seal and airflow, it's HOT here, so I'm leaning towards the AFX, as it fits goggles well too, without removing the shield

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Assuming you're talking about dual sport helmets?

I can't stand the AFX. Hate the way it fits.

At the same time, I don't want to shell out $500 for an XD/Hornet.

Joe Rocket has a hybrid helmet, just a rebranded HJC. Doesn't fit as nicely as my ACX3's, but it's far more comfortable than the afx. This is what I wear. Seals up well, moves air just as well as my ACX3, goggles fit under it. A little more than the AFX, but far cheaper than the xd/hornet.

Airoh has a DS helmet too, been real impressed with the quality of those... but they're a UK manufacturer, dirtbikebitz will ship to USA. My next helmet will probably be an airoh.


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