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air fuel mixture

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not sure how this works, do I go to the forum to ask questions or am I just not finding the right place. Can anyone tell me where to set the fuel air mixture screw for my 1982 suzuki sp500, or direct me to a free online shop manual. Perhaps someone has the manual and could scan/email the relevent pages. Any help would be very much appreciated. Old bike and greenhorn mechanic need help. Half an hour later I've realized what the square really is, any help is still appreciated.

the bike didn't run for 2 years because I couldn't get it 2 start last year. took the carb apart 2 weeks ago, found the main jet clogged right up, cleaned it, started it last week, but it wouldn't run without the choke and didn't want to stay running. so I tightened the throttle cable until it stayed running, but it wouldn't derev right away, (5-10 seconds) then I discovered my fuel air mixture screw was only 1/8 out. my dad suggested 1/4-1/2 out, this allowed the bike 2 start without the choke. after loosening the throttle cable it idled normally and was rideable (small parking lot). That day it was hot and dry. 2 days later cool and damp, again it wouldn't start without the choke and wouldn't stay running until I tightened the cable again and it was not dereving as well. also the bike got quite, hot thanks to thumper talk i know that 2 much air and not enough fuel will raise the temp. so if anyone can recomend a place to start with the mixture that might make things a bit easier but I think 11/4-13/4 is where i'll start for now thanks for straightening me out lox and walking wounded. stupid me the intake manifold clamp was loose as anything mixture at 2 5/8 out workin great went for a ride last night. thumpertalk saved my bike from the dump.


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