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400E Jetting, Questions, Concerns

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I just bought a 2001 DRZ400E. I have some questions about jetting. I will list them below.

1. What should my jetting settings be?

I live in southern michigan. Elevation is around 300 feet i think. Temps are around 80F right now. The bike has the JD jet kit. The main jet is a 160. Not sure about the rest. Will tear it apart to find out.

2. I took the carb apart a couple days ago to clean. When I did I noticed there was no o-ring or washer beneath the pilot air adjusment screw. Should that be there as it states in the clymer service manual?

3. I have been having a hanging idle problem. Everything is clean now but the problem still exists. What could be the culprit?

4. Carb cleaner slightly ruined the diaphram for the fuel pump on the bottom of the carb and the o-ring there too. Ordered new parts but what would this affect in the short term?

5. Basically what is the best way to set up my carb for my conditions.

Thanks for all the help.


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there should be a washer and rubber o-ring on pilot screw. spring, washer, o-ringin that order. i have also seen many posts that state hanging idle can be caused by idle adjustment being set too high. i know i have had that issue when i tried to turn idle up. it was suggested to me to change my pilot jet to 48 from stock 45. still waiting for the powersports shop to order the correct style jet. im hoping theyll get it right here on their third attempt... also i learned the hard way that that the diagram in the clymer manual shows the spring possision for the actuator pump in the wrong poss. i should have trusted common scence and put it on the pump cover side of the rubber diaphram (correct) and not on the bowl cover side as the diaphram shows. live and learn...and dont trust clymer. good to know that carb cleaner kills a/p diaphrams though. thanks

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