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2003 Honda 250ex probs

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I have gone and done it again...I messed with the carb too much and now I need to get it back to running good again.

I bought this quad from Missouri and it never quite idled well in the SoCal deserts where I ride now.

I need to know jets, needle position and turns out from bottom screw (air/fuel I think)

The symptoms are that I messed with it and now when I hit the throttle at all, not just off to full, it dies. If I ease it on it will be OK. When it does die, I have to completely stop and restart the thing.

Thanks for any help!

O yea....all stock setup.

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Not sure what all the stock settings may be, but start with 1 1/2 turns out with the air/fuel and go a quater turn out from there. If you hit the throttle hard and it dies try moving the needle clip to a richer condition.

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