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I think I want.....?

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-Looking for a late model Husaberg 570, KTM 530, or the like -

Hello all. I’m currently riding an ’03 KLX 400: With 3X3, JD jetted, Ohlins Forks, 10,000 mile, SM and Dirt wheel set ups, and LOADS of sentimental value!!! I don’t want to get rid of it..... However.... I find myself in need of more.....well.... everything! :banana:

My riding style is as follows: I ride off road a lot in the spring! 20% dirt road, 80% moderately difficult woods single track. I take around 2 major desert trips a year. (my favorite!) The rest of the time (mostly summer and fall) I ride my SM set up. I do not race, but I ride very hard and fast on the road. Usually 4 times a week, 100 miles or so a ride. I live in Hood River, OR and am surrounded by an ton of amazing twisties.

I don’t want 2 bikes. I want a mostly dirt/enduro style bike with an “easy to switch to” SM set up. Something that is light on general maintenance and will hold up to the ton of miles I will put on it. I’m ok with a moderately heavy bike, just don’t want to step up into the 690 type area. Oh yeah, and I’d like to keep it under $6000 if possible? (depending on how much I can get for my bike?) Yeah, I want it all.

Help me! Please. Any and all advice would be appreciated!


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