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WR250R Starting

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It could be fuel residue. Modern ethanol based gas gums up pretty bad. Don't store it with gas in it for long periods of time, and the fuel additives like stabil don't seem to keep it for oxidizing like the previous MTB stuff. I tend to either run them enough to keep fresh gas in them (easy on a WR) or drain it when not using it. In the off season, I put a small amount of pre-mix in the tank so the oil can preserve the rubber parts in the pump and fuel system. Top off with fresh premium and the small amount of oil won't matter. There are several outfits selling the stuff to get rid of ethanol residue in motorcycles, I'd give them a shot. Stay away from methanol, it will do in your rubber parts and probably the injectors as well.

Of course, you can also just run the snot out of it on the highway for about an hour, that seems to clear mine out.

Good luck.

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