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Unadilla - Round 9 - MX 2010 Predictions, Discussion and Results *SPOILERS*

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There is no race this weekend but I thought I would get the topic up.

Picks are due Saturday Aug 14th at 6am PST. I will not accept picks once the practices start, so this might vary a bit but don't push it. Once timed practices starts I will not allow any more picks.

Check out THIS topic to see the rules


For EVERYONE, please copy and paste the following format into your post so everyone's picks are in a same format and only use this format if you want to be part of the prediction contest. If you don't use this format I wont enter your picks.

user name

player number

450 class






Fastest Qualifier- 7

250 class






Fastest Qualifier- 377

Notice that I have a space for player numbers. This is to help me enter your picks into the spreadsheet.

Here are the player numbers


please use rider #s and not names.

if you update your picks please make a NEW post and put UPDATE at the top of the post. DO NOT edit your original post.

Here are the top 25 in points after round 8


>>HERE<< is a PDF of everyone's scores



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Im not so sure I rem. how how this whole thing works... 2 weeks off is killing me. I need a MX fix quick, and seeing that vid of JS7 has me going crazy with anticipation... but Ill be damned if good ole James doesnt look freakin fast, also looks like he's got his "swagger" back! :banana: Looked more like the old James than the new and improved smooth/safer version he thought he was for the first few SX races?

Dungey might finally get that challenge hes been waiting for if James can keep his pace up for 35 mins. or maybe one or the other just checks out and we dont get anything exciting? Now just to decide who to put in that #1 spot? Decisions, Decisions...:eek:

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This is a loose loose situation for Dungey.

Stewart wins and Dungey is only #1 because Stewart wasn’t there

Dungey wins and Stewart is out of shape.

Dungey owes Suzuki a #1 plate and is smart enough to finish second if Stewie is in front. Stewie will crash you out if he is not in the lead. Remember RC and Preston. He is fast but can’t think will racing.

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