Help! 03-04 wr450 tank difference to 05 wr450

Does anybody know how off the 05 tank is on a an 03; if I use my 03 shrouds?? I am set to go on a two ride in costa rica tuesday, and I just found out my 03 tank is all cracked. I tried epoxy's, plastic welding it and no go. I ordered a used 05 last week (all I could find, but will it fit?)

Please help.:banana:

It will fit but you will need 03 - 05 YZ or '05 - '06 WR shrouds. You will also need an 05/06 WR seat or you can mod the seat pan on a 03 - 05 YZ seat. I don't think the 03/04 WR seat will fit. As I recall the distance from the rear bolts to the tank post is different.

Horrible for me!:banana: Thank you.

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