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Can a Mikuni CV Carb be replaced with a Mikuni VM?

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I have had tunning problems with a Mikuni 32mm CV carb on a Yamaha 1981 SR250!

I have a spare STANDARD 32 mm VM Mikuni carb from a 1979 XT 500.

Would it be possible to use this carb to replace the clapped out CV carb on a Yamaha the SR250???

I know that I would have to change the twist grip throttle cable the jettings.... any sugestions for rejetting???

Any advice would be appreciated


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My '79 XT 500 has a VM36 w/ a 200 main. It's also a 540cc bore w/aftermarket cam and SS valves, White Bros pipe and Supertrapp exhaust. It's just right. Mikuni (america I think) has a PDF file on tuning the VM series. It's 80 pages and lots of techy stuff. I went through it and it explains just exactly how this device works.

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