wr400 leaking carb

Bike is a 99 wr 400 took it out and rode 100 miles of trails in northern michigan wow what a blast!!! bike still runs fine but noticed when cracking the throttle a bit while running or shut off there is a brass rod on left side of carb with a rubber boot on it squirts gas out of it no idle bog ?? Kinda unfimilar with 4strokes im guessing this is part of acc pump?? any help would be greatly apperciated thanks !!!

Yup, it is the AP. Remove the AP cover (on the bottom) You will find the diaphragm is damaged.

Do i need a whole new accel pump or can i get a after market part like a powerbowl or quick shot thing

Neither, just a new diaphragm. Cheap, OEM part. You do not need the alloy bling, will do nothing for you anyways. Unless you want to piss away money.

William thank you I see it in the thumpertalk store looks like they make several under the same refrence number (31)





DIAPHRAGM ASSY AP will any work



If... they the parts fiche list several, and as far as you know, yours is stock, get the one with the STD (Standard or stock) in the name, do not get any of the ones that say AP (Alternate Part).

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