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bike stalls out

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just installed standard mrd exhaust and fcr 39 carb. i have a few questions

1 bike will only start on prime

2 do i plug the little nipple on the petcock that is there or what do i hook up the hose to

3 when i do ride the bike it stalls when i stop at a stop sign or stop period unless im on the gas

thanks for any help

carb is set up as follows

main jet 155

main air jet 200

pilot jet 45

pilot air jet 100

ejp needle 2 clip from top

fuel screw 2 turns

0 elevation

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sorry i did not mean to say you told me that needle. just thats the needle i had and you said what position. And i just ordered the vacuum port nipple so hopefully when i put that piece im done. and i will also get a 160 main jet

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