Loud bikes

Question, how many of you ride with the stock silencer gutted out? I have seen guys out there like this, the bike then definitely qualifies for obnoxiously loud! Does anyone but me think it's maybe a little irresponsible making so much noise in our already too scarce public riding areas? I am convinced that it was noise complaints that closed down the only two public riding areas in my entire county in the last year. Funny how the timing coincides with the rise in popularity of high performance four strokes, or is that not such a coincidence?

There are too many quality exhaust systems on the market to justify running an open pipe that you can hear for a mile through the woods. In my opinion, an open stock pipe makes less power (especially bottom and mid) than just about any aftermarket one, even a "quiet" one. I like power just as much as the next guy, and the stock corked up pipe was the first thing to go on my bike (before I brought it home).

OK, let me have it. :) stir stir stir :D

I agree totally with you on this one. Several months ago I installed a PMB muffler insert and rejetted my bike to match it. I will NEVER go back to a fully uncorked bike. The minimal power loss incurred with a muffler insert is worth it to my ears and to others sharing the forest with me. I had a scary experience last fall with my 02 WR426 with some hunters on horses. To summarize, my uncorked WR startled a hunter's horse, causing both the horse and rider to fall some 50 feet down a hillside, breaking the hunters leg. The other two came at us with rifles in hand and I thought we were going to get shot. After apologizing profusely, they let us pass. I pushed that friggin' WR a long ways before restarting it.

I read that starting in 2004, all national forests will have a 96db rule anyway so everyone will be forced to comply. So, why not start now?

Well said Dave! People flock to public lands to get away from the noise and stress of the city and look for some peace. We are always stating that public lands were established for multiple use, remember that when you see someone trying to relax at their campsite or enjoying their hike. Keep it quiet and show some courtesy to other users. We can be our own worst enemy at times.

Funny you should mention about the horseback rider getting injured. In my original post I mentioned two riding areas close by closing due to noise issues, one of them was identical to your story.

Apparantly, a horse, startled by a loud bike, tossed it's rider and the person was hurt pretty bad. Within days, there were signs posted on the perimeter of the PUBLIC land that this happened on that read "No motorized vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted. To report violations, CALL 911" Can you believe that, Call 911! Uh, no more riding there. I drive by there all the time, and see horse trailers and MTN bikes every time, but dirt bikes and quads have to ride on the trailer all the way into the next county!

The other spot I used to ride, part of the reason I bought my bike, was close enough that I could get there by riding in the ditch. I saw cops more than once on my way there and back over the winter, they didn't care that I was riding my WR basically on the shoulder up to "the pit". But, this spring, when all the bikes came out, I noticed I could just hear the two strokes from my house, could not hear any four strokes with real pipes on them, but could hear a couple of guys with open pipes on a 426 and a cr450, sounded like they were in my yard. ("the pit" is a mile away) Guess what? "The Pit" is no more. Big ass cement blocks, orange tape, lots of signs, and drive by's from the sheriff. :) Hmmm...

Oh well, guess I'll go drive an hour to ride an hour then drive back an hour.


I totally agree, loud bikes do not belong in the woods. We create a noise argument that we can not defend. I gave my YZF pipe to a rider in another state so I wouldn't hear it in Michigan.

Bones I am with yaa. Loud bikes and ATV's will be the demise of our sport on public lands. Its only a matter of time. Sad.

Well, I guess someone has to take a beating here.

How much resposibility does the motorcycle riding community have to take on this one. The manufacturers sell the bikes with corked up exhaust systems. Almost forcing people to look at the aftermarket for exhaust replacements. Some choose to purchase inserts, and things like that. Others choose to go with manufacturers like White Bros, FMF, Pro-Circuit, etc... If I'm looking at buying a new 4-stroke (Newbie) and everyone I talk to tells me to get rid of the factory pipe, and get one from on of the manufacturers listed above. How am I to know it's going to be louder than hell. I've got a WR400 with a WBros E-series pipe. I run 12 discs. My buddie has a DRZ with full S/S yosh system. Are these louder than an open exhaust? I doubt it. Are they close? Probably. But, what option to we have? I know they make the quiet series stuff, but how well do they perform compared to the louder systems? I argue that if they were the same in performance, why manufacture 2 systems? It seems like if I go drop 5-6K on a new bike, I could at least have it set up to perform right out of the box, without having to use inserts, and 200-500 slip on or full exhaust systems. I mean, give me a freakin break here.

Just a point that could be argued. :)

Ahhh my pet topic, noise. Where to start. Is noise going to be the demise or our sport or trail erosion. The ugly scars we leave in the land scape that last for ever?? Is it crowded trails, we interfer with hikers, horse back riders, ect, ect....

Its all encompassing the problems we face. No one issue will close an area, its several. We should do what we can resonably do to minimize these issues. We should keep our bikes as quite as we can, while still maintaining power, we should avoid areas and tread lightly on areas that are becoming damaged, but not close areas. We should slow down and even park our bikes for other trail users to pass.

We should educate fellow riders and battle those that want us gone no matter how quite we are. But we should not sacrafic our rights to use the woods also.

What was the name of the movie with Charlton Heston, you know, where the future was nothing but wall-to-wall people and everyone ate these big green cookies (soyant green?) which were made from euthanized old people who met the cut-off date. Well, we're getting closer folks!

I for one can't wait... I wonder if we'll have milk to wash them puppies down? YUM! :)

I think the AMA has put a 96db noise limit on some/all races. Hopefully the aftermarket exhaust mfg companies will start building more pipes to meet this requirement. Then we can buy a quiet pipe that makes good power.

I think the AMA has put a 96db noise limit on some/all races. Hopefully the aftermarket exhaust mfg companies will start building more pipes to meet this requirement. Then we can buy a quiet pipe that makes good power

What would have been nice is if the AMA/National Forest Service/BLM and other agencies would have said. You need to meet this standard of 96 DB when can we expect it, and then came up with a reasonable frame work to do it. We saw some real growing pains with this a few months back and it was talked about a lot here. People were spending up to $500 on exhust systems that wouldn't meet the requirements. There are some options now that do get the sound down, as well as power. Not everyone is happy with the power output that some of these systems deliver.

The exact number that the sound level was set at 96DB, how much is that going to help us over the old number of 103?? Are people really going to say, "Hey that 103 DB bike is bad but the 96DB bike makes it ok to keep that riding area open". The obnoxious bikes that are out there, uncorked, are making in the area of 112-118DB.

I too hope we see some real technological jumps in sound and pipes for 4 strokes. I find it more pleasant to ride a quiter bike.

Wow, I am impressed. I thought I would get flamed for starting this thread in the first place.

I know a couple of people who have bought bikes since I bought mine, and I have told them the same thing. Try to work a good exhaust into the deal on your new bike. Tell the dealer the stock one sucks (he already knows this) and that you don't want to take your brand new bike and dig up another pile of cash immediately to fix that problem. I did that, and also rolled all my riding gear into the deal. I got a good discount on the exhaust and got the gear for free because I was dropping big dough on a new bike. (So of course I negotiated that deal before I picked out the gear, and the strangest thing happened. Suddenly only the $300 boots seemed to fit, and only the best helmet they had didn't hurt real bad, ooh, really like those gloves over there a little better...) :)

I think the AMA has put a 96db noise limit on some/all races. Hopefully the aftermarket exhaust mfg companies will start building more pipes to meet this requirement. Then we can buy a quiet pipe that makes good power.

Then they will lower it to 90db's and lower. They want you at home with no vehicles watching approved television :)

What about the occasional Harley (or car, truck, sportbike, etc) that is way louder than my bike and roars past my house late at night? Why shouldn't all vehicles have to conform? Just because I ride in the woods my bike has to be quiet? I agree that every one should use proper trail etiquete. You should always stop and turn off your bike when encountering horses. But come on, there are just becoming way to many rules! What's next? We won't be able to ride in the woods because our bikes may drip some oil on the trail? Or maybe a speed limit of 5MPH on the trails because some one might runover a chipmunk? Or you can only ride on days after it rains because the dust is collecting on the trailside foliage causing it to wilt? I could go on and on and so can the people who don't want you to ride your bike in the forest! Don't laugh it's coming.


It is real funny how this subject keeps reappearing all of the time. We went through this same stuff (less sound, more ground) over 25 years ago with 2 strokes and now we have a newer, younger breed of riders who have no idea how much we have lost over the years. The attitude that " I can do what I want because I pay taxes or what ever" is not going to cut it. Or the ones who think that they are out far enough that no one will hear them or care is a bunch of horse puckey. Sound travels a long, long ways when you are or think you are the only one out there. :)

OK, OK, I'm off of the soap box now. ANY ONE ELSE? NEXT?


Two things to bring up here. Several months ago a similar post was going. A TT member who is a sound engineer had some statictics. A 6 db increase doubles the sound. So bike 1 at 100 db, and bike two at 106 db. Bike two is not 6% louder its twice as loud. A WR with a Vortip at 93 db compaired to a WR with an aftermarket pipe at 111 db, 111 is 4 times as loud, some aftermarket pipes are louder than this. Thats horse [@#$%&*!] to make a pipe that loud.

Pointe 2 is that the sound from a 4 stroke carries farther.

My son has an XR200 with a Thumper Racing baffle, louder than stock baffle but performs better. Approx. 87 db (very quiet). Friend has a CR250 thats very loud, not sure why but it makes more noise than any other modern day 2 stroke around. They went on a short loop while I was at the car. At first all I could hear was the CR, then both and then just the XR. The quite little XR carried sound farther. I was shocked, but the deep Thumper sound carries a long way.

If they don't hear us they won't know we are there.

The obnoxious bikes that are out there, uncorked, are making in the area of 112-118DB.

Wrong. 103dB is obnoxiously loud - anything louder should be criminal. 120dB is a car horn at 3ft or a rock & roll bar according to the handy little chart in my Honda generator brochure.

I too hope we see some real technological jumps in sound and pipes for 4 strokes. I find it more pleasant to ride a quiter bike.

It doesn't take a technological jump - we're already there. Look at KTM and the other Euro spec bikes.


Sputter it was Soilent Green

Dont eat it its PEOPLE AHHHHHHHH

As far as noise Go Endurodog can handle this one I am out :)

Well On second thought

This is all I got to add

If ya gonna get checkd make sure its done legal by the book

M.I.C. Standards Manual

ya know its all stupid when you figure a hunter carrying his 22 rifle... that gun shot is friggin like 200 db, when you hear a gunshot jump off your bike and go back to the landmanagement place and ban hunters from there... then even on the road you see an a/c cobra running down your street and when he rolls off the throttle the thing backfires like crazy it rattles my windows... the whole thing is bs all i am glad for is that the rangers where i ride arent strict at all about it.. :D:):D

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