Loud bikes

In public areas it's a good idea to keep bikes quiet if you want to keep those places open. But I uncorked my bike and on dirt roads and private land its never going to be quiet. The main reason I took it out was so I could hear the bike, with the benifit of a better running bike.


2003 WR450

Wrong. 103dB is obnoxiously loud - anything louder should be criminal

Well obnoxious is a word someone else used, guess what, to the greenies your 89DB bike is obnoxiously loud and should be criminal. Why we are on the point of criminal, anything louder than the 103 DB is all ready criminal. So what are we left with...

The bikes that are getting and have been getting the most complaints were illegal BEFORE!!!!! the new law. So the new law is going to change these people? No it's gonna make those of us that were with in the old law spend more on equipment to get to 96 DB. Those obnoxious bikes will still be making 112-118 DB. Now given some places, mostly in Cali are enforcing noise issues, not most by a large margin. For what its worth obnoxious is in the eye of the beholder, last year at the 4 stroke nationals my girlfriend wanted to go down to the starting gate to hear the bikes take off, she thought it was cool. 40 4 strokes in the 115 DB range.

I ask this question everytime this issue comes up. Do anyone out there think that by dropping the DB limit from 103 to 96 we will convience anyone that dirtbikes are ok? Or are we going to get anymore ground that is promised in the slogan "Less sound=more ground"

As someone else stated, been there, done that. 2 strokes went thought this issue, they are much quiter now than they were. No new ground, only loss of much more ground. No anti's coming forward saying they are converted.

Ah, yes, Soilent Green. Thanks, EGO.

Remember Edward G. Robinson sitting in the euthanasia room watching scenes from a by-gone era - open fields, beautiful mountain vistas, undefiled rivers...? His last wish - to see what he once had - so many years ago - before his demise at the hands of the State.

Well when we go, I figure they'll set up an ancient suzuki 2-stroke mx'r in a similar room, sit our old butts on it, and show us pictures of endless, meandering SMOOTH trails along beautiful lakes, and maybe rich, loamy, moist mx OUTDOOR tracks lined with beautiful babes waving and cheering us on, whilst the the deadly, but pleasantly perfumed gas gently wafts us to sleep. Of course, the background sound track will play properly muffled four stroke exhaust notes to help our heavy eyelids close peacefully.

Lovely. :)

I live in the woods. I just went from a WB Eseries to an FMF Q. No major power loss and its hush puppy quiet. Does this pipe mean Im a slow rider? Does it mean my bikes not fast because it doesnt sound COOL? NO!

True in serious Pro competition an uncorked race exhaust gives yo an edge. I dont race pro. So I choose to keep it quiet.

What gets me is that I live near the main road in foresthill which is a playground for all sorts of street bikes who come screaming by at 90 with exhausts bellowing at well over the 110 DB range. I rode by on my Z with the E series at 12 discs...my wife barely heard me! Why are street bikes allowed to be SOOOO much louder? And how about jake Brakes on big rigs at 4 AM..and.........

AAARRRGGG!!!!!!! This topic Fries me! :)

OK, I think I will chime in here.

First, DB raise expontially (sp), so the statistics are accurate in earlier posts.

Second, to be serious a rider needs to join/form a local rider lobbiest group and get large numbers of people to join. I can tell you accurately that Winter park, Colorado boasts of having the most mountain bike trails anywhere in the US and most are what the Forest Service deems "illegal", that is, not built to the Forest Service standards. Yet there is no retort from the locals or tourons because they don't think it is an issue. When my motorhead walks into a meeting, they can't comprehend the resource damge is just as much as a two wheeler with a motor, because its "cleaner".

I think that the "Greeners" that prefe non-motorized use are more organized than us. If you want to make a difference, join the Blue Ribbon Co, AND start/join your local riding group. Become a pain in the butt to the agencies that manage YOUR lands, asking them everyweek, WHAT are you doing for me?????

It takes a lot of time, but remember the "greeners" have 20 years on us, so we gotta get rolling.


PS. The oufit up here where I bought my bike knows who I am, and still uncorked the exhaust, got rid of the snorkel,cut the throttle stop 18mm and rejetted. I added the promotobillet silencer and my bike is crazy fast, and much quieter. I talked the guy into offering/adding the silencer on all the bikes he uncorks.

What gets me is that I live near the main road in foresthill which is a playground for all sorts of street bikes who come screaming by at 90 with exhausts bellowing at well over the 110 DB range. I rode by on my Z with the E series at 12 discs...my wife barely heard me! Why are street bikes allowed to be SOOOO much louder? And how about jake Brakes on big rigs at 4 AM..and.........

All good points. But, they are not in the face of other woods users like we are. I don't go to the woods for peace and quiet, I go there to vent and shred (on the trail!). My needs and wants are very different than most woods users, so I personally carry the burden of trying to mitigate my impacts on those other woods users. Hopefully, one day, they will realize that I am not thier advisary.

Yeah, a sweet sounding thumper sounds good to me ringing through the valleys, unfortunatley, only about 2% of our nations population agrees with that view. So, I personally believe that we are simply better off appeasing them and baffling our rides.

Give them one less thing to bitch about, and maybe they will quit. Will it work, doubt it, but, I'd rather have a quiet pipe and think that I am doing something positive for our future riders, rather than have a blaster on my bike and pissing people off along the way.



I may be unique in that I see both sides of the issue. I love to ride single track, but I also love to hike and climb. If you're in the woods to enjoy the peace and quiet, there's nothing that will piss you off more than a loud bike or ATV. I try and remember this when riding. I'm also carefull to idle past areas where the noise might be offensive to folks. Better to have a quiet bike than no place to ride. :)

I will give up my WB E-series when they peel my cold dead butt from the seat of my bike :D

Bonzai :)

I just got my Thunder Alley pipe. Bob said it would be 98-100 db. but if the stock wr pipe uncorked is 105 then this pipe must be 110. It is extremely loud. It doesnt bother me but after reading all these posts I am gonna order his 96db endcap.

My bikes are pretty quiet. I had a Thumper Racing stealth insert in my old bike and I think the intake roar was louder than the pipe. My current bike still has the stock exhaust, although I am thinking of getting a FMF Q or Vortip or something to up the performance a little while still keeping the sound down.

My friend had a Power Core, and it sounded good and made good power...but he bought a Q since we like to ride in the hills. He lost a little on the top, but he thinks it's a good compromise, especially since we are only trail riders.

The greenies won't like us even if the bikes made no noise. They are against mountain bikes too, and the only noise from that is me huffing and puffing. I figure I don't want to give them any more ammunition against us by making a lot of noise. Funny how horses are o.k., and they tear up the ground...and crap all over the place!

I have some idiots up the street from me who think it's cool to have open piped Hardly Ableson's. They vibrate windows and set off car alarms. I guess they think they are fast or something. :)

I wish they would enforce noise rules in the street too. Hardly's roaring by at 0100, followed by car alarms and dogs barking sucks.

Well, I am going to submit to a beating here. I guess I will admit to being a hipocrite as both of my Harleys are louder than my dirtbike. But, at 1340cc and 1475cc compared to 426cc that would serve to make sense, wouldn't it? Besides, both of my "slow" Harleys will do much better burnouts than my WR! Now wheelies, well that's a different story... :)

Besides, it is kinda fun to set off car alarms. :D

Big difference here is, I don't see me losing my Harley riding privileges any time soon because of the noise, but dirtbike riding areas are disappearing faster than cold beers at a TT campground.

As much as we all love to hear our thumpers sing. Others will always use it against us. It has come to the point where you almost need two exhaust systems. One for race day on the closed course track or when running in the desert. And one for trail riding. The real challenge is where can I buy 1 exhaust system that can do it all? Big Gun is real close with there quiet system just one change can make your bike faster but also louder. FMF new Q pipe works well meets the laws but still flows. Sound IS A Issue. I love the sound of a healthy thumper, others do not.

We have to play by the rules espically here in Cal. It is up to the manufactures to help us out. We need power and less noise. Because we will continue to loose open riding areas if we don't. Then we will all end up on some MX track going round and round on some lame track all sporting the after market pipes they sell for $600

Thnik of it this way

Ever been in a super market line and all you hear is the shrill of some "I will Say Person to be PC here" Voice.

Ya know that Nanny voice coming from the nazzle and is a shrieking shrill eeeeeeuuuu :) I shudder think of it.


and the guy that is "IT" has that look on his mug like he is looking at the ass of an elephant waiting to get sat on to quite it up.

and everyone around is vomiting and wishing they could rip there ears out.

I think ya know what I mean now.

Should we put a 96db cork in that MOUTH :D :D

Well said Dave! People flock to public lands to get away from the noise and stress of the city and look for some peace. We are always stating that public lands were established for multiple use, remember that when you see someone trying to relax at their campsite or enjoying their hike. Keep it quiet and show some courtesy to other users. We can be our own worst enemy at times.

The last time I looked, this country was pretty BIG. Why the heck are OHV areas located in close proximity to hiking and aquestrian trails anyway? I say give the off-road enthusiast a place to play away from those that want their peace and quiet. My piece and quiet involves the use of a motor! If we can send men into space, you'd think we could surely manage to find a way to allow motorized and non-motorized recreation to co-exist. I personally believe that even if our bikes were all 93-96db, someone would still bitch. Radical environmentalism is a disease and as it stands, we're the one's that are dying. When was the last time you read about a nature preserve being converted to and OHV park? :) Yes, I agee, having a quieter machine does help, but incrementalism says that it will only satisfy them for a while before the next issue...

My FMF is what I call... L L L L Lovely. I have always love obnoxious motor noise. Nothing better than walking a flight line in Witicha Falls, TX and having a Harrier land some ways away from you or a F-111 take off away from you then hit the afterburner. WOW!! Drag strips, 40 Harleys pass you on the freeway, 160db car audio, TNT and my bike. I love the noise! I can see the sensitivity from a person who gets disturbed for a few minutes from the tree they are hugging or the squirrel they are petting. We 4-strokers are loud... PERIOD! 98db, 103db, 118db all loud. The rude powercore I have on now performs SOOOOOOOO much better than my stocker. Am I going to give up having less trouble up switchbacks or a steep hill... :). I've been tempted putting on the quiet cap that sits in my tool box for my pipe but I just can't get myself to do it. :D

I always shut off my bike for horses, slow WAY down and stay in a higher gear for hikers and try to be considerate. If a "Blap" echoing through the canyon every once in a while is cause for closure, make the prop jets avoid the mountain ranges to reduce prop echo through the same canyons we ride.


Yep it must be tough for you guys over there!,it`s funny how the more responsable the dirt bike comunity tries to be the more they are forced to sacrifice for their chosen form of leasure activity.The lower the noise limit becomes the more likley it will become to be reduced even more!,engines make noise there is no way around that fact,there will always be the odd one or two that think an ear spliting exhaust is the way to go but i dont think that is being to smart at all in public places!,but having a bike loud enough to let other folks know you are aproaching is surely not such a bad thing!,i have noticed in the past that when riding an ultra quiet bike that people do not hear you approaching when coming up behind them(then you get the moment of madness with them running about all over the road trying to find their dogs etc,waving arms like you are some kind of loony,when for the last few minutes you have been watching them while they are none the wiser you are even there!),so i do believe in keeping it lound enough to be heard from a short distance,but not so loud you make their ears bleed whilst passing them at a walking pace.As for the horses you come accross try to go real slow if you spot the rider looking nervy and uneasy stop the bike and get off,keep the bike between you and the horse at all times because a spooked horse can quite easy kick out at you when they are passing you!(i wonder if there is a law which requires all horse`s being used in public places to be of a sound nature and able to cope with the noise of motor vehicles and motorcycles!),i think it is a great pity that being able to find land to run dirt bikes on is becoming very hard to find esspecially in some parts of the US and a great shame that it is mostly the dirt bike rider that has to make all the compromises,we are not the undesireables of society and i think it is about time more was done to stop dirt bike riding being treated as such!.Dont let em beat you into submission,good luck! :)

It's easy to talk about the things we need to do around the non-moto public and sure make the bike as quiet as possible. But less noise more ground is a pipe dream. We will still be herded onto small plots of land to ride, loose what area's we still have to hikers and mountain bikers. I have seen it here in the Auburn State Rec area, I have been riding and hunting in that area for 35 years, now it's all mountain bike trails, and you can only ride in mommoth bar 3 day's out of the week. I like mountain biking and hiking, but don't share the same views that group does about the way public land can be used. It's public land for the Public, not a narrow minded minority of the public :)

The greenies won't like us even if the bikes made no noise. They are against mountain bikes too

I completly agree!! :)

Where I ride my mountain bike we share the trails with horses and hikers, when me and my buddies pass a horse (slowly) almost all of them give us a dirty look and shake their heads in disgust.. There are trails that are closed to mountainbikes for no reason (horses couldn't get down them), the park service sends rangers out just to make sure that a pesky bicycle rider doesn't go down that trail.... What a bunch of crap...

Even if we all had 70 db motorcycles we'll still be villians. Next, the greenies will go after our tires because they're too aggressive and we're tearing up the land. Here in California it's really sad... You either ride motorcycles or you hate them. I'm all about being responsible as the next guy but how far do I have to bend over just to ride my dirt bike?

You guys crack me up. It's not about greenies, its not about us vs them. It's about everyone being selfish to one degree or another and having different needs. I remember before thumpers there'd always be the guys with unmuffled 2-smokes - usually they'd be wearing tennis shoes. Some people called 'em white trash - and they were usually the dumbest of the dumb. I don't see it much differently now. Of course horseriders would like the trails to themselves, of course hikers would too, and so would mountain bikers - each has a different need or motivation to be outside. But to think "greenies" are the only ones who don't like loud noise outside is just plain stupid.

The reason most mainstream people go out to natural areas is to get away from the noise and hassle of motorized vehicles, office stresses, crowds, and the politics of the work place. For a motorcycle to dominate noisily in such a setting is an abomination. Just like the white trash with tennis shoes, some people just can't figure it out. More riding areas with noise? Give me a break.

More riding areas with noise? Give me a break.

Sputter you lost me here??????

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