Loud bikes


What I'm trying to say is obnoxious sound is everyone's enemy - (think about how any overly-noisy person is characterized in any setting!) as long as we all don't try to keep our sport as quiet as possible there will be no new riding areas and there will be continued, perhaps accelerated, closures of what we have. Where do you think much of the predjudice or perception comes from to start sound regulations? It won't "spread" from California, it will develop on its own in every place where population is growing. Yes, it is a pain to lose some HP, and yes, mufflers are expensive and are not up to par yet, etc. and yes, we'll lose some ground no matter what we do - but I guarantee that if you want to lose it all in our lifetimes, just support the dummies who think that fighting for SOUND is an issue of value. This isn't about lobby groups or the BRC or the AMA or any of that - this is about general public perception and how politicians view what the majority of voting citizens need in terms of open space and recreation. Sometimes you must bend to survive - without having to bend over completely. Quieter bikes? I think we will all benefit - I know I will, regardless of the land use issues.

I know I will

Trust me your bike is too loud aswell...

And yes, enviromental groups do play a big part in our sport.

Oh, and I don't think I'm white trash but I do wear my K-Swiss from time to time...

And yes, enviromental groups do play a big part in our sport.

As they should. :)

WHY? :)

Ship all them damn tree huggers off to Greenland.....

Bonzai :D

Sputter you are correct, in a vacum sense, that we need to play nice with others and keep our bikes as quite as possible. My contention with this issue has been the how quite. Do you believe that by lowering the DB limit from 103 to 96 DB we will save anything or open new ground?? I will tell you now no and heres why.

The complaints about noise come from bikes that are over this DB limit anyway. If someone is going to complain about your 103 DB bike they are going to complain about your 96 db bike. The old noise standard wasn't enforced, and the new one won't be enforced in the majority of the country.

No doubt we must bend to survive. Most here on this fourm do bend, voluntarly. The fight I want to see is for the enforcement of the old noise standard first, then we can move on to new noise standards. But the people in our sport pushing the new noise standard are pushing it with false hope. By meeting this standard we won't open any new ground and we won't save any areas. There will still be guys running around with bikes in the 118 DB range, there will still be greenies and others that want areas closed for a multiude of reasons. Our lowered limit won't change anything or anyones mind.

Two of my favorite public riding areas were closed to bikes due to noise alone. Mountain bikes and horses are still allowed there. A local (privately owned) MX track met the same fate. The judge sited "unreasonably loud noise" as the reason for the closure. They were all close to new housing areas (also very close to my house). I ride Harleys also. I try to keep it quiet, even though I love the sound of a well tuned V-twin as much as I love the sound of a well tuned single. Why? Because I love riding bikes, and I love being able to modify them. More than a few cities/states are looking at legislation to make it illegal to have anything but a stock exhaust on a streetbike. Are dirtbikes to follow? When an aftermarket manufacturer puts a stamp on an exhaust that says "closed course only" they are covering their butts so you can't come back later and say you were ticketed for a loud exhaust. We are a minority, Ohio has the largest percentage of motorcyclists, 2.5%. 2.5% of the population will not save our sport (most of them are streetbikers and they don't care anyway), if we make ourselves a nuisance, we will be banned. When I pass a horse, I slow down, usually idle by and watch the horse to see if it's getting ready to flake out. If it is, I shut my bike off. Believe it or not, most horseback riders appreciate this. The horse and rider mentioned in this thread were probably a case of a skittish horse and a not-thinking rider being in the same place at the same time. It doesn't matter if the bike was quiet or not, to a person on horseback trying to get a little peace, ANY bike is too loud. The overwhelming majority of people that use the trails in this country are non-OHV'ers. To them, sharing the trail with a loud fast motorcycle is like walking down the middle of the street. I agree that this country is HUGE, but did you know that Texas is about 95%+ privately owned? Public riding areas are disappearing at an alarming rate. When I was in Germany, the only place you could ride a dirt bike was on private land (motocross tracks). And even they were closely watched. You could hike or mountain bike anywhere. Are we to meet the same fate? Yes it is supposed to be a free country, but our freedoms must not interfere with the freedoms of the majority or they will be legislated out of existance. I agree that we need riding areas, other than private property, that are only used by dirtbikes. That would be paradise, but it will never happen. There are too many knuckleheads (not the ones made by Harley Davidson) that would probably screw that up too. The reality is, we are not liked. No matter how many people go to Supercross or the X-Games, they DO NOT want us sharing the trails with them. Good luck. I'm shopping for a large piece of land so hopefully, my children will have someplace to ride. And by the way, I vote, am a member of the AMA,BRC and NRA(even though I don't hunt). Stay bike. :)

Endurodog, I agree. Part of the problem is apathy. Displayed by those chosen to enforce the laws. It's not confined to those who enforce them on the trails either (whole new bag-o-worms). :)

Endurodog, I agree. Part of the problem is apathy. Displayed by those chosen to enforce the laws. It's not confined to those who enforce them on the trails either (whole new bag-o-worms).

Absolutly, some law enforcement do enforce, some don't (and I'm a cop).

Why is it that the louder Harleys get, the more roads they get??? :)

The other day I was speaking to a friend out front. He was in his Suburban I was standing out side on the passenger side.

The Truck was running his window was up and his window faces a four way stop about 75 yards away. A two story house is between us and the stop sign.

As we were talking a single Hog turned onto the street on the other side of the two story house and stopped at the stop sign.

We had to stop speaking until the bike left the area we could not hear our conversation. (LITERALLY) Deafening a single bike.

This is my point in the Street Dirt Noise issues. It pisses me off to know end that this clown can run his bike that loud with no enforcement. The law says 88db at 45 mph in a pass by test, with the sound meter 45 foot to the side.

I just cant figure that out at all... :):D :D


It's local police policy to let them slide. I remember when you would get pulled over in a car with glass-packs that barely exceeded stock noise! They used to be tough here - and they can be again.

Hollister has a new City Manager - I hear he might be the kind to properly influence his department heads, plus the police force is undergoing yet another chief changeover - give him a call, he just might listen at this juncture.

As far as the CHP goes, I don't have a clue.


Ya I guess that is a good place, but you and I live in HarleySter, you know what a snowballs chance is dont ya :)

It just erks me that we are getting tagged at the hills and in the streets of harleyster nothing is done. I understand the Rally coming not much can be done, kind of like the starting line at a thumper nat. :D

What do Harleys have to do with our dirt bikes and quads?

KTM's are quiet and very fast, if you don't believe it ride a 52x and tell me that a bike can't run with a quiet pipe. KTM riders are usually older and prefer a quieter machine. Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, etc. will not spend the money on the technology to make their bikes quiet until the customers demand it.

How many times have you been camping at you favorite ride spot and some idiot on an uncorked 426 or a Yoshimira equipped DRZ gets up at 6:00 am and rides loops around the campsite thinking they are impressing people?

I started riding in 1961 and believe me at the current rate of closures there will not be ANY riding areas in another 10 or 15 years if we as a group don't so something to accommodate other users of public land.

I'm off my soapbox now.

Ud Luz,

Harleys are motorcycles too.

On another post someone was complaining about Yamaha not being a responsible corporation because they're building a high performance quad. Here's what I said.

"Maybe Yamaha should consult with the Sierra club before designing a new product. That way we could all be riding Schwinns... Thats the only thing these leftwing, Eco-terrorist, land stealing, Clinton lovin, communist bastards, would be happy with.

Last I checked it was still a free country. Let freedom ring." :)

My grammer is off, but the message is clear. We are at war with the ecogeeks, and the geeks are winning.

I used the experience because of the hypocrisy in the noise standards and such.

It was meant to be a word picture and depict the screwed up enforcement of standards ON THE BOOKS.

They fail to enforce standards all ready on the books, but impose more laws and regulations. Endurodog has pointed this out many times.

The KTM example is a good example, it poses the same argument that the Euro bikes comply with already LAW on imports to the united states and sound regulation.

But the Japanese bikes do not.

Its a made house, Take your dirty stinking hands off me you dirty damn ape

Now that had nothing to do with anything :)

Any chance of this thread making the third page in a civil tone? :)

i got 5 bucks someone implodes SMD :)

It's local police policy to let them slide

There are actually several issues that come into play on the issue. Letting it slide is one of them. Several others are man power to set up a operation, equipment, training of personel to conduct an operation.

Also and more related to our battle these people that ride loud street bikes are unified in thier opposition to noise enforcement against them. "Loud pipes saves lives" is the battle cry, and they all know it, even though its a false argument. Some of the guys that ride Harleys I know have put pipes on and enjoy the performance from them. But who really needs more performance from these bikes they are powerful enough as is (sarcasm).

We in the dirtbike community are split on the issue, even our supporting orgs AMA, Blue Ribbion, ect. push the issue, meanwhile Joe weekend rider that won't repack his muffler and in no way will spend the money on a insert to quite his bike. So we are divided and we will be defeated. We will spend more on our bikes to keep them quite(those of us that are responsible), we will continue the debate, and we will continue to lose riding areas at the same rate.

I have seen several post about riding area XYZ was closed because of noise, while this may be true does anyone believe that if the bikes there were made to the old standard of 103 DB or the new 96DB that it would have changed anything????

Rant mode off :)

i got 5 bucks someone implodes SMD

EGO was your $5 on me? :)

:lol:I aint saying

You are 100% correct on your last post.

Question is

How do we correct that and orginize :)

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