Loud bikes


Same issue I bring up regarding responsibility

Loud Bikes II

Everyone needs to realize until EVERYONE learns to be courteous when riding on public lands and be aware of their surroundings (This means the people camping, hiking,fishing,jeeping, etc...) I ride everywhere and i cant count the number of times i slow down to not kick up dust or pose a threat when passing others enjoying public lands as well, and i almost get ran over or hit by other riders with no patience or concern for others. Sometimes the QUIET bikes are more dangerouse than the loud cause you dont here them coming...

Years ago when i was jeeping on rubicon trail i got out to look at a tough spot on trail and did not here a quiet bike coming up from behind FAST and here ran up my leg and across my back. (Oh what a feeling!!!) luckily i am not a tree hugger and complained..

Maybe this is a good complaint about QUIET bikes?

"Some people will always want more power but do they really need it?"

Do you really need a 250F? :) Maybe an XR250 would be a better choice??? :D

What do we really need? How much is enough? How loud is too loud? This topic could go on forever. :D

Lets all just ride responsibly. Wherever and whatever we're riding. :D

Maybe it comes from watching too many re-runs of "Tool Time"

Argh...Argh...Argh...Argh...More Power :D :D :D

well loud bikes are my thing i guess. my wr at 4500 rpm is 128 DB! now that is loud it idles at 107-109 db. i might buy a new pipe sooner or later but it just has that big bike thump i love. as for the peopel around me they can wear some earplugs! :D :D :):D :D

Last post wasn't to bright :)!

But I like what He said :D :D

:confused:Why is it that te louder arleys are like te bigger badder they are?? :) 2all


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