Owner's Manual 2004 WR450F

I have a large service manual, but no owner manual. I do not know the amount of oil the dry sump system holds. Were can I get a owner's manual or PDF of the manual? Has any one used a tall seat with more padding, and were can one get a good one? I'm 6' 4" and 265# and 67 years old, and ride setting down most of the time on trails.


The service manual for the WR is the owners manual. here is a link, for download, to your bike.


I believe the '04 uses 1.1 liters ( 1.1 US qt) for an oil change, it should be in your service manual, mine , for the '07, is in section 3 "regular maintenance and inspection" pages 14-18 in the engine section. I find it easier to find the info with the downloaded version of my manual, that way I can see whats in each section in the left side header of the .pdf file. Hope this helps. Also, most of the tall guys get a "Guts Racing" tall seat for their bikes. Enjoy the ride -- WR Dave

Nice link this should be a sticky! I am sure many people have searched for this information. Thanks WR DAVE!

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