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Anyone going to Vegas to Reno? Need a bike moved out west?

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I'm looking at putting together a last minute V2R effort. I found an XR650R here in VA that would be perfect and need to get it and myself out west (ideally San Diego where I'll meet up with a friend who's doing the race).

Anyone headed out with room for an extra bike?

If not, anyone want me to haul bikes out? I have a F250 and 20' enclosed trailer, but the fuel cost to get just one bike out there are pretty crazy. If I could take 3+ bikes out and share fuel costs it'd start to look pretty reasonable.

If interested PM me, I'm scrambling to put this together and might not check e-mail/forums as quickly as would be ideal.

Me, the bike and truck are all in Northern VA at the moment. The race starts on the 19th so I'd need to be out there at least a couple of days prior.

I haven't been super active here on TT, but am on adventure rider and tlzone a lot under "bikepilot"



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