Just got my 426 Jetted right, now I'm selling!

Well, it wasn't too much trouble but I thought I would let some of you know what I found out in my quest to jet a 426 with BJ baffle, airbox snorkel removed. I found the easiest jetting was basically stock jetting with a ELN at #3. It starts right up, runs strong all the way to WOT. Fuel screw is 1.5 out. I could possible look into doing more tweeking but it runs great and it only cost me $12 bucks for the ELN from the dealer. BK Mod wasn't needed, it timed at just under a sec. stock. Now that it is running great, I am selling :) I bought another toy (Jet ski) and need to sell the WR so I can afford the ski and still get another, cheaper dirt bike. Probably a late 90's 125mx. Or maybe, I will just keep it. If it doesn't sell, it will still be ridden. :D I think the jetting quest is finally over for me though. I tried a few mains and messed around with the fuel screw. Good enough, after all this is not a 250mx, what can you expect? It still hauls ass faster than I can ride it. :D Anyone out there want to try and convince me to keep it?


Good luck with your future bike. Read your post on the for sale side and your comment about maybe a 125MX for the nest bike. From a former 125MX owner do not do it for a trail or woods bike. They are just as tall, very peaky, get about 25 miles on a tank of gas and require lots of maintenance. Look into a used Kawasaki KDX 200. They are a little shorter, reliable, smooth and lots of fun. 70 miles on a tank, little maintenance. Great Enduro bike. My son has one and I enjoy riding it. Probably the best 2 stroke woods bike ever made. Good Luck.

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