3rd Ride

Well I went to Rampart today, with Dougie, it was my 3rd ride on my WR, well infact it was my 3rd ride in over 2 years, and probably the 15th time on a dirt bike. No broken levers, no bent handelbars, so all in all it was awesome, many thanks to Doug who let me go out riding with him, and his buddy. They were even polite enough to wait for me and help me through the tuff stuff. Hopefully I will be able to go out there again soon.

No problemo Marty. It was good to meet you and I'm happy to introduce you to Rampart. Many props to you for learning on a WR426. That is a lot of bike to start out on. But once you get the feel for it, Rampart will fit like an old had. Sorry I couldn't get that helmet cam working. I would have had some great stuff. At least I know I need to tape the connector to the camera. I will let you know when we go back.

When ever you go Doug, you know ill be up for it, and maybe next time we youll get that camera dialed in, then you can get my slow butt riding around, never did get to go on sunday, had a family emergency, but hopefully ill go again soon.


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