Just got my 426!

Just traded my 85 for a yzf 426, with a thumper 450 big bore kit.. Ive gotta admit, the things pretty freakin fast... Its got a cross country tank on it tho, and im not liking that to much, my house could fit inside of it.. lol, it keeps the front end down tho :eek: The bikes awsome tho, Im gonna put a exhaust and different graphics.. and sell it..

Im also gonna higher a mexican to start it for me :banana: Good gosh, One thing I HATE about this bike... Pics will be posted tomorow

Congrats man. I just traded my 86 TRX 250R for an 02 426 last week as well. I got mine from a guy who races GNCC quads that wanted another 250r. He took really good care of it and it's already set up for the woods w/ wrap around hand guards, skid plates, oversized tank etc. I think I got a great deal on it. You can check it out in my garage.

As far as the starting goes do you have a decompression lever on it? Mine does and if you do it right it will start first kick every time (at least mine does). What I do when I first get on it is swing out the kicker, push down halfway with my foot and then let the kicker come all the way back up. push it down again until you feel it get tight. After you feel it get tight pull the decompression lever in. Put your foot back on the kicker and push down slightly to make sure it's not still tight. If it feels soft kick away and it should fire right up. I know it sounds like a complicated process but once you do it a few times it will become second nature. Enjoy!

Well thanks for the tip, it achually helped quite a bit! much appreciated


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