Busted rebound adjuster WP PDS (07 ktm 200xc-w)

Ok the rebound adjuster on my bike (07 ktm 200xc-w) is broken, it just keeps turning forever, supposedly its not that uncommon?

Anyways the time has come to fix it, i would like to at least look into doing it myself?!?! problem is i can't find any literature on the WP products, I cant even seem to identify the shock?!? I have previously rebuilt the shock for my 2000 Rm125 so i do sorta have an idea what im doing. Just know WP is a bit different.


-Does the KTM service manuals cover shock disassembly/servicing/maintenence?

-If the KTM manuals don't where can i get some more info.

-Can i just remove the rebound adjuster while its under pressure or am i looking at getting a face full of oil? by my understanding if i can hold the needle up i may be able to remove the broken portion of the adjuster hour glass and simply replace it and let the needle fall back down onto a new adjuster hour glass thing?

-If i need to bleed off the pressure how do i go about this?

-Is it practical to do a oil change, and fix the rebound, Minus the nitrogen charge? Im confident in bleeding the pressure, and fixing the rebound screw, the bleeding part is iffy and i dont have the tools to charge it back up.

Is it practical to do a oil change, and fix the rebound

imho that's the only way to start. Obviously the shock hasn't been serviced for quite some time, so it would be time for a new sauce anyways (perhaps bushing, dustseal, piston rings etc as well).

Now to the main problem, the broken rebound adjuster:

The adjuster is broken because it hasn't been greased for a long time and thus dirt and water could get into the clevis via the bad sealing housing of the adjuster. It's then just a matter of time until the adjuster sticks.

Since the adjuster is broken you have to try to get the remaining part out of the clevis. Sometimes you can get it out, most times you can't. In that case you have to buy a new clevis. Every shock can be identified by a number which you will find on the body near the upper shock bearing.

Yours might be 12.18.7C.27 (or different last two digits).

But it ain't over yet.

You definitly have to check whether the rebound needle moves freely. It's very likely that it doesn't.

And DO NOT do anything to that shock unless it's gas pressure is released.

Remove the rubber plug on the bottom of the rezzy and loosen 4mm allen head screw until all your nitro pressure is gone.

+2 What Frezno said I would say also that your rebound needle is not moving freely within the shaft.

And good luck getting the remaining part of the hourglass part out:banghead:

You can pick up a used shock for under three ready to ride. I would look into this option if I were you. And then you can part your shock out and get a good bit of your money back.

Good luck

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