2010 rad gards vs cage

heres my problem

i orderd rad gards wen i bought my bike but there on back order still

i dont like the gytr ones i do like the scorpion ones there on back order

i already effd my rad up on one side ( droped it on a log) so do i weight for the scorpion gards to come in or do i go for someting els what are you out there running good or bad? also is it worth running a gard or a cage i herd that cages make ur bike run hotter

pictures would help to if you have them of either gards or cages


this is why you run rad gards

I don't think rad guards would have saved that damage from happening, rad cages probably would have. I put my first set of cages on my '09 when it was new this Spring, I can honestly tell you that I'll never buy a set of guards again... ever. I bought a set of CRD cages, I'd never heard of them before but got them new on E-bay for $59.99.

The CRD cages did require a little bit of customizing to get them to fit perfectly, we're talking a small amount here. But I would buy them again in a heart-beat.

As far as causing over-heating I don't buy it, these (as do most cages) have two 1/2" or 5/8" diameter rods that go across the top and bottom of both rads to add support/stregnth to the cages. IMO there's no way that those two small(er) rods going across the backside of each rad would cause a significant amount of airflow blockage.

I can see that being an issue with the Devol guards/cages as they cover the front of the rads - they replace the stock plastic roost guards.

:banana: ouch i wish i knew about that b4 i droped 300 on a new one from yamaha

I just bent mine this weekend, thanks for the link!!

As long as it wasnt leaking I wouldnt worry about it. I have bent rads in the past and straightened them a little with a shop press where they were bent cockeyed. They didnt leak and it worked like normal.

However the rads are soft and sometimes when you try to straighten them out some where they are bent pretty bad they will stress the aluminum and cause a leak and then you will have to send them to mylers so they can spot weld the hole. You can do it your self if you have a Heli-Arc welder (TIG) cause that is what they use to weld up the leak.

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