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It could be you're idle is too high, fiddle with that, and that could very well fix that. However I had the same problem. Make sure the clutch arm is being fully pulled it and the clutch is fully disengaging and engaging how it's supposed to when pulled in and let out. Another issue could be the clutch basket itself. So basically there are a bunch of clutch plates in the clutch assembly, and they have like rectangular teeth almost that keep them in place in the clutch basket. And over time they plates make grooves in the basket, and when you go to pull the clutch in and the clutch plate releases, the plates don't release because the grooves aren't letting the plates separate and spin freely. To tell this, turn the bike on and let it warm up for a couple minutes to get the oil warm, and then turn it off, put it in first gear, and pull the clutch in, if it's hard to push and doesn't move freely than that's likely the problem. You can also take apart the clutch and look for those grooves if that happens. However do the basic tuning with the idle and clutch adjustment first.

EDIT: Just realize it's been ten years since this was asked... It could help someone else though.

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