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Exhaust valve rod problem (UPDATED)

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Hey guys,

Ok I swear I have seen this problem on here before but am having no luck finding a solution. My bikes a 2003 250.

I started my topend rebuild today and I am at the point that the cylinder is back on.

My problem is the exhaust valve rod, its stuck in the up position which I assume is wrong because the manual shows it down plus it couldn't move where its at unless it pulls down.

Just to clarify I am talking about the rod that goes into the bottom end on the governor.

I don't wanna procede so if someone knows please help so I can finish my rebuild and ride again :banana:

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Ok rod was jammed in the up position, had to take off the crankcase cover and remove the rod which is damaged so ordered a new one.

This has been a terrible rebuild, found out one of the cir clips partially dislodged and gouged the cylinder wall now the rods bent and the two screws that hold it on were stripped by previous owner I am assuming so had to heat the crap out of them and luckily a hand impact was able to get them out.

Ordered a new cylinder for 249.00 shipped figured at that price its about the same as a re-plate. Also the rod cost about 48.00 with new crankcase gasket and screws.

Seeing as how this would be considered a very extensive rebuild for a two stroke and it has only cost me 441.00 dollars has just reaffirmed the fact that I am never going to own a four stroke.

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