WR 450 not starting with electric start?

I have a brand new WR 450. Dealer instaled YZ exhaust cam, instert in the exhaust, cut the grey wire. Bike runs fine and it will start cold on the the third kick every time. Once the bike is warm the will start every time first kick. THe bike will not start cold witht he push button, when it is warmed up it will start using the button if you pull the choke out. Cam timing, valve clearence, and fly wheel key has been checked by dealers and they can not find anything wrong with the bike and also do not recomend and jetting changes because hte bike is running fine otherwise. Anyone have any idea what is going on. :)

its not like a drz where it fires up after 2 seconds the starter motor is very small in relation to the engine size... just break the bike in then things will get better... as for me i always start the motor hot with the choke.. and to start cold or hot witht he button i have to hold it down like 10 seconds click click clickclick...... nothing nothing nothing... turn turn turn THEN IT FIRES its weird i know... but im trying to see if the starter motor on a ttr250 will work on the wr450 because the mounts seem to line up nicely and the ttr's starter motor looks 2 times as powerful.. good luck its a sweet bike :D:):D

It has a pumper carb. On my bike I give the throttle 2 or 3 twist before e-starting when the motor is cold and it fires right up. If I don't give it a couple of twists it turns over trying to fire but doesn't start consistantly.


When starting cold, I give my bike 3-5 full twists of the throttle, with the choke on and the e-start will fire it the first time, every time. I used the kicker when I first got it, just to make sure it worked. :)

buzzmarine: Welcome to TT. You picked a good site to learn more about your WR450. :)

RPS and ddialogue info seems to be what works for me also. :D It will vary as you get it broken in and continue the mods.

Rick... :D

What ddialogue said. When my bikes warm I need to crack the throttle about a quarter to get it to fire.

I've never used the kickstart lever. It's there for emergencies only. :D I've been lucky so far. :)

I had this exact same problem when I first got my bike. My bike would not start with the e button especially when cold. My dealer drilled out my starter jet to a larger size and the problem was solved. I don't have to pump my throttle and I didn't have to rejet. I did initially rejet though main and pilot jets richer than stock even at 4500 ft.

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