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Does this price make sense?

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I'm selling my 2008 (09 motor) in the TT classifieds, and I don't want to over price it, but I want to get it sold. I only rode it a few times at the track before I broke my arm. Now it's gotta get gone so I can do more mtn biking.




Black anodized gas tank

New tires

New DID chain

FMF Factory 4.1 muffler

Custom made MRD low/mid header

EBC 280 front rotor

Black powder coated water pump cover and oil filter cover

Black powder coated shock spring

Black powder coated brake calipers

Black anodized rear sprocket

Black anodized chain guide

Black anodized Sunline shifter

Black anodized custom-made full coverage Works Connection skidplate

Black anodized hubs

Black anodized chain case guard

Black anodized shock linkage arms

Black plastics (original yellow and white included)

Custom graphics

Black anodized Sunline reversible 19.5/21.5 triple clamps

Black Cycra Handguards

New seat cover

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It's priced about right, but not for the economy right now. I've seen 2010's and 09's selling used for 3,500. I recently sold a bike loaded with every procircuit item made for the model of bike (2004 kx125) and only got 1900. It even had procircuit suspension. I only had one person interested in a 250f also. if your in to mountain biking you may wanna put that on the ad so alot people don't feel there's something wrong with the bike also.

Good Luck!!! :banana:

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A 250F is totally differnt, once a 250F leaves the showroom floor you practically have to give them away.

KTMKramer - You need to include some photos with the yellow or white plastics on it also, black plastic will drastically reduce the amount of people interested in the bike.

Thanks for the input guys.

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