Is there a k&n filter for the 426 and if so has anybody tried it? I have seen a pretty good amount of chain stretch so im going to buy a o-ring or a x-ring so i would like some recomendation on the brand. also i have the works connection frame guards on order and was wondering if anybody here is using them.I've also went with the mobil 1 15w50 and it has been great no clutch slippage. also i have the 2001 426 and have had none of the problems with the plug fouling deal I did foul one plug but it was because i had brain fade and thought i was starting my old 2-smoke.

Im not sure if K&N makes a filter for the yamaha, but iI can tell you that its the same filter as the YZ,s 125&250. Ive always used a UnI filter with a spray on oil. I too use the 15W40 with good results. As far as the chain goes, Ive had good luck with a Regina o ring chain (Tuf Racing selles um pretty cheap), and have bad luck with RK chains.

just my opinion, Kev

I have heard nothing but good things about the renthal o-ring and the tsubaki chains. The DID ert chain I used last was not much better than the stock. Good luck.

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