2010 yz450 handling

I'd like to know if there is anything that needs to be done to get them to handle. Do they need an offset change, different linkage, etc. or are they fine with just a spring and revalve to suit rider?

the 2010 yzf is a good handling bike stock. setting the sag was the one thing i did that made the biggest difference. i donno if you will agree but i find the front tire that comes stock is junk. getting rid of it made a world of difference. of corse spings and revalve is gonna make the bike handle better but unless your an expert the i wouldnt do it the bike is one of the best handling bikes out there thanks to mass centerlization (hope that spelling is close)

Best handling bike ive been on. I was comfy immediatedly and able to ride faster with more confidence than I ever have. I don't care for front tire either seems to lack grip in terrain that I ride. Only thing I did was 2 clicks softer comp on forks and 2 clicks softer on both comp and reb on shock and its all but perfect for me on rough 'n' nasty.

I haven't tried moving the bars to the front holes in triple clamps yet I might try that soon just to see if it helps me or not.

The Dell-Taco made a big difference for mine.

The Dell-Taco made a big difference for mine.


Several magazines tend to think a slightly longer connecting rod makes a big difference.

I'd say go first with proper sag set-up, tire selection/psi, body positioning and compression & rebound settings.


Its the type of suspension and fork kit I had installed that was designed by Smart Performence by D.Johnson

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