2010 yz450f FMF exhaust?

I have a FMF muffler on my 450, I dont know which header to buy. FMF makes 2, The powerbomb and megabomb. Has anyone used one of these? I am looking for more over-Rev.


Get the Power bomb, I am very happy with this system. It smooths it out letting you ride the bike harder and faster!

I put on the 4.1 slipon and its great! tried several maps cuz track went front mud slick to tacky to hardpack slick. Even with and without slip in ring and qiet insert.

Has any of you guys had to repack the muffler on yalls 4.1 system for your 2010 yet?

If so how many hours has it been? I have 21 hours on mine so far and I dont think it is ready for a repack yet.

It still sounds pretty good and not loud. i know the packing on this FMF 4.1 has lasted longer than the DRD I had on my 06.

On the 06 the packing blowed a hole at about 15 hours every time for like the first two packings. The third time held up good though,must have got a couple bad pillows the first two times.

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