1998 wr400 no spark.

i have a wr400 i was riding and it was running really good starting good etc. went out to ride it won't start. no spark, it would putter and try to start ever once in awhile. i think i could see it have a little spark. i test the orange lead giong into the coil and i have 0 volts there while kicking. what is first to to look how to check stator?

have you tried disconnecting your stop button? I know it sounds simple and mundane but it is odd that it just started out of nowhere and every once in awhile tries to take off... like a bad connection or wire....

I dont have your wiring diagram but you can follow the wires up from the engine and test them all for AC volts and see what you get. That right away will let you know if you have something coming from the stator/position sensor.... then just follow your wires out and continue to plug them in and test at the next connection further down the line. definately check the stop button though, its easy for it to get corroded and/or stick which will cause it to re-route anything the stator is giving it right to ground

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