bought 06 YZ450F

I run a 45 pilot with a 165 main for summer but switch it to a 168 in the winter. All my other jetting is stock.

I had the same issues and my intake cam was way off it turned out to be that the sproket on my cam spun i could make it run but not correctly

put a 48 pilot in, and start around 1.5-2 turns out on the fuel screw, your popping problem should be fixed.

got a new fuel screw, needed washer and oring... pit in a 48 and set FS to 1.5 out. I checked the cam lobes with the sprockets when I had the head cover off and after I timed it and they seemed in the right position from what Ive seen on other bikes. I have yet to start it after the jetting, but my friend was in town... anyway now my KXF has issues with a zinging sound, I love 2 strokes.

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